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Specialist Hospital Bangalore


Our department best orthopedic doctors in Bangalore caters to a wide range of subspecialties including knee joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy & sports medicine, pediatric ortho, hand surgery, ortho oncology hospital in Bangalore apart from dedicated trauma and accident services.

Spine Specialist in Bangalore

We provide comprehensive treatment options for spinal ailments like Disc bulge/ Prolepses Spinal Trauma, Degenerative Spine Diseases, Spine listhesis, Spine Instrumental, Spinal Instability, Spinal Deformity(  Spinscoliosis and kyphosis)  Spinal Stenosis, and Spinal Tumours with best spine doctors in Bangalore.

Pain Management Specialist

Labour Analgesia- Painless birthing Acute/Chronic low back pain. Knee Pain/Hip Pain. Pain Management Doctor in Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Pre Anesthesia check. Post Anesthesia care. Intra operative and post operative pain management.

Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery

A complete array of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments is available at Axon Hospital best cosmetology clinic in Bangalore facility, including facial rejuvenation, Hair transplant, body contouring, breast augmentation, and reduction.


With our expert team of Nephrologists and state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment, we one of the best nephrology hospitals in Bangalore provide treatment for simple to complex Nephrological Conditions with best doctors of nephrology in India.


Our dedicated team of best oncology doctor in Bangalore is committed to providing the best cancer care treatment. We treat gastrointestinal, breast, gynecological, and brain cancer.

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Urology & Andrology

At Axon best hospital in Bangalore for Urology, we provide medical care related to all aspects of the male reproductive system. Under this, we provide treatment for urinary bladder, prostate, and adrenal glands. We have a complete team of best andrology doctor in Bangalore.

Gastroenterology in Bangalore

At Axon hospitals best hospital for gastroenterology in Bangalore, we provide a full range of general & gastrointestinal surgeries. Our efficient doctors perform a minimally invasive procedure to detect gastrointestinal issues.

Best Cardiologists In Bangalore 

Our renowned cardiac doctors are experts in handling delicate cases across all ages. We go with the latest technologies which help in minimally invasive surgery.


Being a tertiary care hospital, we regularly get patients with multiple medical diseases, who at times require essential surgery for certain other medical conditions. Our anesthesia doctors team, with a good interdisciplinary team approach, has been successful in taking care of such “high risk” patients. We strive to maintain patient comfort through the entire duration of the surgery, and also ensure patient safety at all times during surgical procedures.