Best hospitals with good pediatric neurologists in Bangalore

good paediatric neurologists in BangaloreAlthough pediatric neurologists treat most neurological diseases, they specialize in working with youngsters and adolescents. They often treat children from birth to 18 or 19 years of age as pediatricians. Experts have been prepared to meet a child’s special requirements, such as child-specific ailments.

The pediatric neurologist sees a diverse range of patients. These treat both frequent neurological problems such as migraines, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy and complicated or unusual conditions such as traumatic brain injury, metabolic abnormalities, and degenerative neurological conditions.

Good Pediatric Neurologists in Bangalore:

Axon Hospitals is one of the good pediatric neurologists in Bangalore .

Axon Hospitals’ Pediatric Neurology team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced neurologists that provide compassionate, comprehensive neurology care for children and adolescents with nervous system illnesses.

The team’s scope is broad, encompassing both simple nervous system concerns and more severe neurological illnesses such as autism and epilepsy caused by birth abnormalities and genetic disorders. Autism is a congenital disorder, but thanks to scientific advances, autism treatment in India is now feasible.

In India, pediatrics neurologists determine a diagnosis by inquiring about your child’s symptoms and medical history. In general, the following tests may be requested:


  • EEG (Electroencephalogram): This EEG test is used to diagnose disorders with electrical activity in the brain. It may also assist identify seizures and ensure that your child’s electrical activity is typical for their gender.
  • MRIs and CT scans constitute imaging examinations that take photographs of the brain and spine. MRI and CT scans make it easier to detect evidence of brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, stroke, infection, some hereditary disorders, and other illnesses.
  •  Blood tests may be ordered for your kid to check for electrolyte imbalances or symptoms of illness. For particular illnesses, more complex diagnostic techniques, such as genetic tests, may be performed.

Our pediatric neurologists are committed to giving the best possible care to any kid suffering from one or more neurological illnesses & that can be helped treated in nephrology hospitals in Bangalore. Each pediatric neurologist is understanding and empathetic to the child’s behavioral changes.

Our Pediatric Neurology Specialists can assist you in ensuring that your kid receives the best possible treatment. Furthermore, if you are looking for a hospital which the skill and experience of good pediatric neurologists in Bangalore, look no further than Axon Hospitals and get treated today . Visit this link to know about Axon Speciality Hospital services.

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